Ulysses s grant research papers

Grant, the most capable of the Union generals during the Civil War, was a master strategist. He won the first major Union victories.

Ulysses s grant research papers

Hat tip to Nick and Harry. As many of you are probably aware, the Grant Papers moved from the care of John Y. In what is a very fortuitous event for me, Mississippi State University has now made the entire Grant Papers available online! As Harry pointed out, the Grant Papers are an amazing resource for those of us wanting to see what Grant thought during the war, long before there was time for revisionism and self-serving writings.

Grant was noted as someone who was remarkably evenhanded after the war, but everyone has some bias. I hope to use this collection frequently for my work here at Beyond the Crater: The Petersburg Campaign Online. For a brief background on the Grant Papers, check out this excerpt from the new site: Grant, political cartoons, and sheet music from the larger collection.

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Other materials will be added to the digital collection as processing continues. From this collection, the series of volumes edited by John Y. Simon, entitled The Papers of Ulysses S.

Grant were chosen and published by the Southern Illinois University Press. Grant Association, which owns the collection, chose John F. Marszalek as Executive Director and Managing Editor of the remaining publication projects: Grant were published in 31 volumes by Southern Illinois University Press between and These materials contain thousands of letters written by Ulysses S.

Grantand to him; his military and presidential documents; and a small number of photographs. These manuscripts are extensively annotated to explain their significance. There is also an extended calendar synopsis of letters in each volume. In total, this is the largest and most comprehensive published collection of Ulysses S.

Grant correspondence available for scholarly use. Even more material is contained in the complete Ulysses S. Political cartoons and sheet music represent a sampling of the memorabilia that has been donated to the Ulysses S.

Grant from the early days of the Civil War to the scandals that rocked his Presidency. Patriotic sheet music written in honor of U. The Grant sheet music ranges from songs composed in the s up to the early 20th century.Read this American History Research Paper and over 88, other research documents.

Ulysses s grant research papers

Ulysses S. Grant. Ulysses S. Grant On April 27, a boy was born to Jesse Root Grant and Hannah Simpson Grant in 1/5(1). Ulysses S. Grant was an American general and the 18th president of the U.S.

(Williams 53).Grant was born in point pleasant, Ohio, on April 27,, the son os Hannah Simpson and Jesse Grant, the owner of a tannery (Williams 52).4/4(1).

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Watch video · President Ulysses S. Grant was born Hiram Ulysses Grant on April, 27, , in Point Pleasant, Ohio, near the mouth of the Big Indian Creek at the Ohio River. His famous moniker, "U.S.

Grant. The Grant Presidential Library and the Papers of Ulysses S. Grant Mississippi State University at Starkville is the Home of the U.

S. Grant Presidential Library and the U.

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