Literature online resort reservation

Most of newly graduate students in High School from provinces flung to the city to pursue their courses or chosen carriers.

Literature online resort reservation

These reading materials will also guide the proponent to improve and develop their proposed system more effectively. Short term base lodging is the main reason that a hotel has been established. In the Philippines, wherein many foreign people go and have a vacation, hotel is always their first destination to have relaxation after long hours of travel in an airplane.

Because of the rapid increase of foreigners visiting the Philippines for a vacation, a common sight is the establishments ad sophisticated hotels for competitive advantage. As the result of the competition between different hotels, various business strategies had been made to attract customers, such as putting discounts, having beautiful and relaxing environment and above all having a state of the art computer system and facilities.

The current problem observed is the manual guest list records, the manual reservation of guests, the manual booking of rooms for the guests which takes a long time to accomplish.

MDTI was established in due to lack of tourist industry here in the Philippines. MDTI are served to give quality services and products to the customers. Keeping their moral, professional, ethical standards in their operations, making great leadership in the business travel industry and honesty as they could meet the customer needs.

The system will allow clients to look for the available services of the company with the use of online reservation. MDTI reservation system is similar to the proposed system of the proponents in terms of minimizing data redundancy, inconsistency on data in reservation, and reducing paper works.

Nowadays internet and computer have big parts in their daily lives because it makes their work faster. The clients could also save their time and effort by booking online. Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa http: It includes the supervising of schedule, reserving facilities and rooms, guest information and confirmation of the guests if they are sure to reserve some rooms.

Customers do not need to create an account if they want to go to the resort or to make a reservation. Similarities of the proposed system includes reserving of the facilities and rooms in the resort. Unlike the proposed system, the customer is required to make an account in order to make a reservation or cancel a reservation.

Hilton Cebu Resort and Spa http: The customer has a confirmation code to enter if they have already a reservation in that hotel.


And making an account will help the customer to cancel or reschedule their reservation more easy. Developed a hotel management system that can be used online.

This system allows the guests to do their booking online by them self. Some of task that the system can do are providing a query for arriving date and the length of staying, providing the number of On rooms, view all available rooms and provides user the ability to choose one or more of them, recording the number of on rooms, view all available rooms and provides the user the ability to choose one or more of them, recording kind of guests and how many going to be in the single room, providing the cost of booking, asking the users if they want additional service; such as, dinner or breakfast, storing the guests detail; like, name, address and telephone, asking the user for confirmation, final confirmation views with the detail of booking and the guests can review or cancel the booking.

Online Reservation for Wilshire Plaza Hotel http: The reservation procedure includes the arrival and departure date. It also indicates the rooms that are still available or not.

It also has a login account for the customer for them to view their current and old reservations. The customers could choose the dates, rooms, amenities, and the function rooms they want to reserve.

Hotel Technology and Reservations System D. Wardell, David Wardell discussed the nature of hotel reservations in the world nowadays. According to the article, the lodging industry is the most under automated segment of the international travel industry.

Reservations are often still dealt with by hand. This lack of 4 automation represents a serious point of weakness concerning competition between hotel chains and hotel industry as a whole.know the reasons of the resort in using manual reservation.

The system is design only for the enhancement of manual reservation to a computerized reservation and did not support online reservation. The system records the transaction and it does not include the payroll.

Does not include the. Sep 04,  · The on-line hotel reservation system also allows you to take virtual tours of the rooms and determine whether your needs can be met.

Just for the literature aspect, I through in the last link also, a literature museum which also has a review on best travel deals, more to what your original question eluded Resolved.

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Online Hotel Reservation Software (OHRS) is an easy to use arrangement that enables agents and guests to reserve rooms directly via the internet once they have confirmed availability of rooms in accordance with the itinerary. Online Reservation with Billing System for Villa Silvina Resort (Zapanta, B., Belardo, R., Flores, F., Sobrevilla, G., ) The “Online Reservation with Billing System for Villa Silvina Resort” done by B.

Zapanta, Belardo, Flores and Sobrevilla is a system that is mostly focused on making reservations for the resort and the rooms in their. Online reservation systems are not just a place to book a reservation, but a search database for potential guests to find the right restaurant for the occasion, in the right location, and at the right time (Lee ).

review of related literature and studies This chapter contains related literature and studies about online information and resort reservation system.

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Literature online resort reservation
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